Thursday, May 5, 2011

Father's Day Quilt, Planning Stages

The other day I decided to make a quilt for my husband as a Father's Day gift.  I wanted it to be special and made just for him. My husband is now the camp director for the local boy scout camp and has been on staff since 2003. We have tons of old staff t-shirts that just sit in drawers and take up space.  I decided to use up all of the old shirts and make him a quilt for Father's Day.

I searched online for designs, and I could not find one I liked.  I want a modern quilt that will display a variety of design sizes and showcase each of the shirts. I finally found the design I liked in a magazine.  I have done my best to replicate the design below on an excel spread sheet.  The next step is to fuse all of the shirts to interfacing and cut out my squares. Hopefully I can get that done today.


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