Monday, July 23, 2012

The Planning Stage-Weekender

A few weeks ago I saw someone carrying a cute little Vera Bradley cross-body small purse.  So I went searching and I saw her weekender bag and I knew it was something I could make.  I wanted to make something with a fabric I love and a customized pattern to fit my needs.

I chose the line Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda.

The Outside
The Lining

 Here is the bag I am choosing as inspiration (from the QVC website)

I will start by making a paper pattern and then there is cutting and then a ton of quilting before construction can begin.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Matching Pillow!

I had lots of scraps from the layer cake and leftover yardage from the table runners so I decided to make a pillow for the small couch in the office. I really love the birds in Tend the Earth by Deb Strain so I showcased one of the blue birds.

I did my first dresden plate and I love the results.

And on the couch:

My mom bought some more of the brown so I can complete another pillow.  I am trying to decide what I want to do, but I know she wants to showcase the humming bird on the next pillow.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Finish!

I was very excited to have a project finished this weekend while I was at my mom and dad's house.  When I arrived, I only had to finish the binding by hand. My mom chose Tend the Earth by Deb Strain for Moda.  I used a layer cake for variety of fabrics and yardage of the brown dragon fly print for the frame and binding.  On the back I used two dragonfly prints and one of the neutral prints.  

Birds #1:

Birds#1 Top
Birds#2 Back
Birds #2
Bird #2 Top
Bird #2 Back

Birds #3
Birds #3 Top
Birds #3 Back
I love the way they look in the office.  I took some photos before I left.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have been taking a break fo awhile, but I have had some productivity over the last week and I wanted to share.


Vintage Modern Kitchen Accessories:

1. Plastic Bag Holder: It is the first of my kitchen projects to be completed.  I have many projects in various stages, but this is the first finish!

2. Placemats: batting is cut and there are ready for basting!

3. Table Runner:  blocks put together!

4. Stand Mixer Cover: HST made and being trimmed!

5. Pot Holders: no progress.

6.  Apron: no progress.

Birds Table Toppers: 2 are quilted and ready for binding, the big one is basted and will be on the machine tonight.  I would like to have the binding sewn on by machine and ready to be turned by friday.  I will be visiting my mom and dad and would like to be able to give them the table toppers this weekend!

Birds Pillows: I am going to make 2 throw pillows to match the table toppers.  Here is a sneak peak at pillow over one:

Tradewinds: no progress

Vintage Holiday: no progress

Granny Squares: no progress

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fabric Love!

Last month I won the random prize in the home decor category of the Summer Sewing Contest at Ellison Lane Quilts.  I came home yesterday after getting my car serviced and inspected to find a lovely little package from Westminster Fabrics.  It is the new line, The Birds and The Bees from Tula Pink.

The full stack:

I like to separate by color. Here are the pinks:

And the greens/blues:

Finally, the purple:

I am in love.  Now what should I do with it all?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Margaritas on the Rocks

Have you ever made your own margaritas?  Ever tried the mixes at a grocery store?  I tried it once and it was horrible.  So I started making my own "mix" and it takes forever.  I would squeeze about 60-80 limes for one pitcher of margaritas and make a few cups of simple syrup.

Then I got an idea, what about frozen limade mix from the grocery store? So I went out to find a good recipe for a great margarita.

You will need:

1 cup of tequila
2 cans of limade
a lime (for garnish)

A few notes on picking ingredients. Find a limade that has lime juice and lime pulp. You do not want "fruit flavoring" or the frozen "margarita mix."  The most important part of the margarita is the tequila.  Choose a 100% agave, amber colored tequila.  The one I chose was not expensive, the bottle pictured was $20 at Spec's Liquor.

As for the carafe, I am reusing and Minute Made Orange Juice bottle.  I like the look and it stores well in my refrigerator.

Now for the recipe:

1. Thaw out the limade.  You can either do this by setting it on the counter for an hour or two, in the refrigerator overnight, or in a warm water bath for 15-20 minutes.

2. Pour the 2 cans of concentrate into the carafe.

3. Pour 2 cans (the limade can) of water into the carafe.

4. Add 1 cup of tequila into the carafe.

5. Shake to mix and then pour over ice into a cup of your choice.

To mix things up, try a blueberry-mint margarita. Make the recipe above and add blue berries and mint leaves.  For one carafe, I mash up 1 cup of blueberries and 9-10 mint leaves. The longer you let it sit, the stronger the mint and berry flavor.

Enjoy!I add a fresh squeeze of lime and slide a segment onto the glass for garnish.  I hope you enjoy my easy, great tasting margarita.

Custom Made Stand Mixer Covers

I finished up my sample of my custom made stand mixer cover which is now available in my etsy shop or by email.  The cover costs $54.99 plus $7 for shipping and handling.

If you would like one made please message me or visit my etsy shop.  If you would like to make your own, you can purchase the pattern in my shop or on Craftsy for an instant download. The chevron standmixer cover pattern can be easily adapted to make a simple cover (just use the lining measurements for the outer fabric as well as the lining).

The fabric I have chosen so far is (but you can always ask for something specific or contact me and I will help you find the perfect fabric)

Serenade by Kate Spain

Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille

Tradewinds by Lily Ashbury

I am also linking up with


Saturday, July 7, 2012

It has been awhile..

Well, I have been away from my blog and my sewing machine for a coule of weeks. Life has gotten in the way along with not feeling so well.  Before I get back to my machine, I wanted to share with you a contest I found on Fluffy Sheep Quilting.

If you want to win 2 yards (in any combo of size) of some Kona cotton, I highly recommend checking out the contest.

Here is my bundle for my entry:


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