Monday, April 30, 2012

Rainbow Goodness

Friday I received my rainbow charms from a swap at Sweet Diesel Designs.  I couldn't wait to open up my charms and go through all of the delicious fabrics. They were separated into eight even color groups; red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, aqua, and purple

I decided long ago that I wanted to make a granny squares quilt mixing my current scraps with the rainbow scraps.  Here are my 2.5" square piles.  I decided to add onto my eight original piles and selected black, brown, grey, and multi colored fabrics.

That is 708 squares! I had to keep track and total them out as I was cutting and sorting.

After some calculations, I decided I was going to need approximately 700-1000 colored squares depending on the size of quilt I am going for. The plan is to make a few blocks until I am tired of making them or run out of scraps, collect more scraps and sew some more.

I was making layouts and decided to make a larger granny square than I have been seeing on other blogs.  I am really pleased with my decision and if I calculated right I will need 42 blocks to make a queen size quilt.  I will post more about the dimensions and number of squares later this week.

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