Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger Quilt Festival!

I have been on radio silence for a few weeks.  I have made some commitments and things have fallen through because of illness and my family commitments.  I would like to enter my favorite quilt I made over the summer before my life got crazy.

"All Because Two People Fell in Love" was a gift I made for my husband's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary.  The quilt is a family tree with a leaf for each child, spouse, grandchild, and great-grandchildren. The tree and each leaf were appliqued onto the background.  

The heart depicts the love that Carmen and Jesse shared.

Here is the branch depicting my father-in-law's branch.  I hand stitched all the names onto the light greens and used the dark green leaves to fill in the background.
The quilt was bound in a similar fabric as the tree.
I am very pleased with the turnout of the quilt and couldn't have had a better response when I gave the quilt to my husband's grandparents.

Quilt Dimensions: 56" x 60"
Technique: Machine pieced back, with machine appliqued leaves and tree. Free Motion quilted on a small machine.
Best Category: Applique Quilt, Throw Quilt, and Art Quilt


  1. Precious quilt!! I love family history and so this is a perfect example of honoring your husband's parents. Really cool. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  2. what a special quilt! I love the idea of it.
    Thanks for sharing it with the festival

  3. You know I adore this quilt! It is soooo special!!!

  4. What a great idea and a beautiful way to honor two special people and their love. Your quilt is beautiful!

  5. Thats a very beautiful quilt.

  6. What a great anniversary quilt -- and great job!

    Come see my entries #23 antique zigzag
    and #46 repro tulip quilt


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