Monday, March 25, 2013

Get a Clue...Nancy Drew

I loved reading my moms Nancy Drew books when I was younger.  When Moda came out with the line inspired by Nancy Drew, I had to have it and I knew I had to make a wall hanging for my office.

I chose to use one of the book panels and border it with a white print and then the book prints around that.  When I quilted it, it became wonky, but I still love it.  I still have some scraps and 5 more book covers to do something with.

You can really see the wonkiness on the back.  At the beginning it was straight, I promise.

I am so into the toile print from inside the covers of the books.  I should get more if I can find it.

March Finishes

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  1. Ah, Nancy Drew . . . that brings back memories! What a fun fabric line and I love your wall hanging (even if it went a bit wonky, which might have more to do with the fabric being pulled or printed off-grain in the manufacturing process). I love your quilting. Nicely done!

    xo -E


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