Friday, December 2, 2011

Jewelry Roll..the first try

I decided it was best that I do a prototype of my jewelry roll with some fabric from my stash before I cut up my nice fat quarters from the quilt shop.  Once I get a final version I will post a tutorial for people to make their own.

All folded up it looks nice:

BUt when opened up  I just don't like it:

And here it is with some jewelry:

I think I made it too big.  So for the next one I am going to:

  •  Make the pockets smaller.
  • Use some of the outer fabric on the inside to break it up and give it interest.
  • Add a pocket to the top.
  • Round the edges on the top more.  
I hope you all stick around for the next one.  Hopefully it isn't a failure like this one.  

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