Thursday, December 1, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday...a day late.

Yesterday was a very busy day.  In one hour I went from going to my husband's Army Dining Out this weekend to him leaving on Friday for a two-week training.  It as a very hectic day for us going to get our IDs updated and all of his stuff together.  My living room is now full of Army junk.

Now onto the fun stuff.  I have been working on a Christmas quilt for my daughter and all I have left is to bind it.  Here is a sneak peak with a full post on it coming soon:

Now on to my dad's gifts.  I have completed one tool roll and then my daughter promptly cut the ribbons that tied it together.  I will have to fix it and make another one.  I love the fabric, take a look:

Now on to the jewelry rolls. I visited my local quilt shop and found some great prints for my mom's jewelry roll.  Before I cut into the beautiful fabric I am going to test my pattern this weekend.

The only good thing about my husband being gone is that I will have time to finish up all of my projects before Christmas.

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