Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!-

It is my year to finish up a bunch of unfinished projects.  I have several projects I want to finish, share with you, and maybe even a tutorial or two.

First up:

Finishing up my stand mixer cover. I have made several of these, but this one is for my kitchen.  I had the top pieced over the summer and the fabrics just sitting in a bin waiting for me to finish up the project.

I had New Year's Day off, so I got to work and finished the cover. Here is the pocket side.  I used the houndstooth pattern in blue and made a large pocket to hold a small cookbook and the paddle blade.

On the opposite side I used a Vintage Modern charm pack to make a chevron pattern.

This is my own pattern, available on Craftsy.

January Finishes


  1. very pretty fabric - love the colors.

  2. Very lovely and I love Vintage Modern fabrics too


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