Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Placemat Tutorial

Over the next year, I am attempting to make placemats for each holiday and/or season.  First up I made these placemats for regular usage in my dining room. The tutorial can be found here.

Today, I am going to share how I made my Halloween Placemats.

You will need a Jelly Roll (or a variety of 2.5 inch strips), a fat quarter for the backing of each placemat, and binding.


For each placemat you make, you will need 15-7.5"x2.5"strips.  Take three of the strips for each placemat and cut them in half, 3.75"x2.5".  For example, for 6 placemats I cut 90-7.5" strips.  From those 90, I cut 18 in half.

Laying it Out:

Pick out 12-7.5" strips and 6-3.75" strips and arrange them in 6 rows.

Next, arrange each row like the following picture:

Next start sewing the pieces together.  Sew each row together (chain-piecing makes this faster).

Sew the rows together in sets of two.

Finally, sew all the rows together.

Now it is time for finishing.  Make a quilt sandwich with your choice of backing and quilt however you would like.  Then bind with a coordinating strips. 

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