Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Tree Progress Week 1

It has been one week since I started the family tree quilt.  On Saturday morning the quilt looked like this:

And this afternoon it looks like this:

I may add a few more background leaves but I won't make that decision until I add all of the family names onto the tree.  I am really pleased and can't wait to give it to my husband's grandparents in a month!


  1. Your quilt is looking beautiful already! Can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for sharing!
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. This is such a great project! Love the look for you family tree!

  3. I love this idea. My husband wants me to do something like this. I can't wait to see how you add the names. Beautiful! April @ Little Mama Hen

  4. Very cool! This is going to be a great family heirloom when you're done!


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