Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday Dress!

One more thing to knock off of my to-do list, Claire's birthday dress.  I used The Party Dress from The Cottage Home.  If you remember, I used the same pattern to make an Easter Dress and The Princess Pea Costume.  This time I only made a few changes.  I lengthened the dress by a few inches and made the sash a few inches smaller.

Now onto picking out some fabric for her quilt and bedding.

LInking up!


  1. love this! my little girl LOVES cars as well! I also love that you added sleeves to the dress

  2. Such a sweet little girl! Love all of those dresses, but the cars dress is especially neat. I wonder if my daughter would wear one? She hates dresses, but she loves cars.

    Thank you for linking up! Congrats on a really fun finish!

    xo -E


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