Thursday, January 19, 2012

Car's Quilt

Car's Quilt Part One: Top


1 yard Red Checked (Border Block A)
1 yard Black Dot (Border Block B)
1/2 yard each of 4 prints


12  5 inch squares Black Print Fabric
12  5 inch squares Blue Print Fabric
12  5 inch squares Red Print Fabric
12  5 inch squares Tan Print Fabric
30  5 inch squares Red/Black Check Fabric
30  5 inch squares Black Dot Fabric

Make 6 nine patch blocks in each Block A and Block B
Block A                                                                                                 Block B

Block A should look like this now:

Cut the block in half:

Now switch the blue blocks with each other and the black blocks with each other:

Sew the top blocks together and then the bottom blocks together.  Then sew the top row to the bottom row. Finished block A:
 Repeat with Block B:

Finished Block B:

Arrange blocks as shown below.

The finished quilt top:


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