Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cars Quilt-The Back

Last night I finished piecing the back of Claire's Cars quilt.  I decided I wanted to use up as much of the scraps I had as possible.  I started by piecing the column of scraps.  I chose a width of 6.5 inches, to accommodate as many of my scraps as possible.  The height of the rectangles varied for a more scrappy look.  After I pieced enough scraps for the length of the quilt I bordered each side with 2.5 inch sashing.

Then I pieced the stripes.  I took my longest scrap (the tan print) and used that piece as a guide for the width.  I alternated the pieces with the white sashing.  On the right side I pieced the stripes in the same order.  I had only a few tan pieces left so I pieced a white block and embroidered a label into it using my machine.  I made sure to make the back about 1-2 inches larger on each side to allow for movement while quilting.

Now on to practice some free motion quilting and then I am going to quilt this baby and put it on the finished list!

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  1. Congrats Cheryl.. cant wait to see it completed..:)

  2. Oh you better hide that my kid Jared would want to swipe that.

  3. What an adorable quilt! My son would loooove something like that! :)


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