Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Quilt

Earlier this December I completed a Christmas quilt for Claire.  It is a small crib size/toddler quilt.  I took pictures of my process and I wanted to share it with you.  This small quilt can be completed with any theme in mind, just by a jelly roll that you love.

I used one Moda Jelly roll in Jovial, 2 yards for the back, and batting.


1. The first thing I did was group by color ways: red, blue, green, white, and black.

2. Next, I took out four strips I wanted to use as binding and set them aside for later.

3. Now to cut.  For each color way, I made six blocks.  So I need 24, 8.5 inch strips of each color.

4.  Designing the blocks.  I randomly took four strips from each color way and grouped them together.  I made sure I didn't have repeats of the fabric in a block.

5. Sewing, finally!.  I took two of the strips and sewed them together.  To save thread, I chain stitched the blocks.

6.  Press the seams open.

 7. Stack up two of your half blocks and sew them together.  I chain stitched these as well to save time and thread.

 8.  Press open your blocks and now you should have six blocks in each color way for a total of 30 blocks.

Here is where I stopped taking pictures, however I will do my best to explain how I finished up the quilt.

9.  Square up your blocks.  Each block should be roughly, 7.5 inches.

10. Layout your quilt. While laying out the blocks, rotate each block to look like the picture below.

11.  Piece together the top.  I sewed the blocks into rows, then sewed the rows together.

12.  Now for the quilt sandwich.  I laid down the backing (face down), then the quilt batting, then the top.

13.  Quilt your top.  I hand tied this quilt in the corners, where the blocks meet.

14.  Bind your quilt using your leftover jelly roll strips.  I love the Distant Pickles binding tutorial and pull it up every time I need to bind a quilt.

Enjoy your finished quilt!

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