Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Again?

It is such a dreary day here in Central Texas.  It has been raining and thundering since about 2 am.  Claire only woke up once, so at least we got enough sleep last night.

So I only had one finish this week:


 I completed the top for my t-shirt quilt.

No Progress:

Cars Quilt, I need to figure out my backing and go with it.

On the list:
Swoon A-Long.  I would love to share, but need to figure out fabrics.
Jewelry Rolls for my shop.  

And then Sunday we went out and Claire fell down and ended up with a couple of stitches in her head.  She is such a tough cookie.  She cried during the stitches, but hasn't cried about it since. She takes after her dad.

And the best part about having to wait in an ER is they now have TVs in the rooms.  I have to say, we (or me) wouldn't have survived if it wasn't there.

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  1. I love the longhorn quilt, I have some of the same shirts!


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